Clenzyme Indoor Drain Cleaner 5ltr

Clenzyme Indoor Drain Cleaner 5ltr

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Keep your drainage system in excellent working condition.

The build up of fats and grease in drains causes a multitude of issues from odours, blockages to damaged pipes.

Clenzyme is formulated using natural enzymes; biochemical digesters, which break down fats, greases and oils into smaller readily absorbed particles, leaving drains unblocked, free of bad smells and provides easy maintenance.

Clenzyme is:

  • fully biodegradable
  • safe
  • effective
  • Eco friendly 
  • Septic tank safe
  • sustainable way to clear and maintain indoor drains with no risk of corroding pipes.

Ready to Use - pour into the drain and leave to absorb. This product cannot be overdosed.

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