June 2020

Bridgnorth company launching website to combat 'mad' price of hand sanitiser

By Rory Smith | Bridgnorth | Business | Published: 

A company looking to combat the high prices of hand sanitiser and other cleaning products is selling supplies at a discounted rate.

Ross Gibbs, April Clark and Matt Baker, of Hydroviron

Hydroviron, based in Bridgnorth, opened its offer to charities, shops and community groups in the area to help them reopen as soon as possible, and has now widened its supply to members of the public.

Supplying several major UK companies, managers decided to start the scheme having seen other retailers and individuals selling the item well above its recommended retail price.

Ben Clark, of Hyrdoviron, said: "We're in the chemical industry and we saw the prices people were being charged, some of which were just mad, so we thought we'd start selling it as cheap as possible to businesses and charities.

"We're now selling it to members of the public and will have a website launched from next week where people can buy what they need.

"With hand sanitiser being a particularly sought-after product at the moment, we have to ship it in unmarked boxes due to theft – we have to be a little cautious about drawing too much attention to our production site.

"We're currently supplying several major UK and European companies so have the capacity to cover the local business and charitable community and are expanding out to the wider public. We also really wanted to help local shops, traders and market stalls planning to reopen soon.”

Many of Bridgnorth’s retailers have already taken advantage of the offer and have collected supplies in preparation for Monday, when non-essential shops and businesses will be allowed to reopen.

Maggie Rogers of The Travelwallet, in Whitburn Street, said: “This is a great product at a very reasonable price – it’s over four times the price elsewhere. It’s so kind of Ben and his team to make this available to us.”

The hand sanitiser is an alcohol-free, ecologically friendly foamer which can be used in any standard foaming dispenser or bottle. It comes in a 5-litre refill jerrycan and costs £10. The surface cleaner is an anti-viral refill and costs £5 per five litres. This can be used with any standard spray bottle.

Sally Themas of Love Bridgnorth, a community interest company which promotes the town, said: “Well done Ben and the team – this is an example of brilliant Bridgnorth businesses helping each out.”



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